How To Teleconference

Don’t get overwhelmed, it doesn’t take long to learn how to teleconference, at least when you’re using All Conferencing.   When you know what you want to accomplish, teleconferencing is pretty easy to set up.

You probably have some idea why your business needs to start teleconferencing.  In it’s most basic form, teleconference services offer conference calls, where multiple people call into the same number and are connected within one phone call.  This used to be somewhat complicated.  You could install an in-house conferencing system, which required a lot of phone lines, a hardware conference bridge that connected them together, a lot of configuration (passwords, etc) and you had to let everyone know when and where to call in.  Or you could pay way too much for a big name company to set it up for you, paying out the ear with limited instruction on how to teleconference.

These days things are much simpler.  There’s no need for expensive hardware, and you’re not tied into overpaying for complicated service.  We’ll go into the more advanced features in a second – but right now you need to hear this: it’s easy.  Sign up for All Conferencing and within seconds you’ll be able to start a conference call.  Create an account, we’ll walk you through the basic steps, and you’ll immediately have a number to dial into, a security code to log in with, and a way of telling all the other participants about it over email, text messages or a phone call.

Easy, simple, and ready to go as soon as you are.  If that’s all you want, don’t let us stop you, go create your account right now and your first conferences will be completely free for the next 3 hours.

But if you have a few minutes, it’s worth knowing what else we do.  This isn’t the 80s anymore, and conferencing isn’t limited to phones.  By setting up a conference in the same way as above, you’ll immediately have access to moderator controls on your computer.  You can see who’s in your conference, you can see how their connected, you can mute certain people.  Don’t waste time trying to make sure that everybody is where they’re supposed to be.

And while you’re on your computer, take it a step forward.  If you have a webcam, it’s already set up.  Instantly video conference with the other participants.  If someone doesn’t have a phone available but has their computer, they’re still ready to go.

Or share your screen.  Have a Powerpoint document up that you really want to show everyone?  Do it!  They can see what you see, zero hassles.

And if you want them to have that same presentation to hold on to for later, use the built in cloud storage.  Upload your files to your account, share them with others, and move from computer to computer without having to worry about transferring them or emailing them to yourself.  It works on your desktop, it works on your laptop, it works on your tablet and it works on your mobile phone.

So those are the basics of learning how to teleconference.  There’s more to find out, but you’ll see when you’re in your first conference.  If it seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through every step of the way.

Online Business Management In The Cloud

More and more traditional brick-and-mortar companies are switching over to online business management.  What once seemed like a gimmick, the “paperless office,” is now a feasible reality.

For years online business management was held back by 3 things – clunky desktop software, mediocre web-based software, and slow internet speeds.  The early adopters of the late 90s and early 2000s were faced with the hassles of document compatibility (even if everyone was running Microsoft Office), complicated file transfers, no syncing between devices, security issues and the need for constant backups.  Theoretically it worked, but it would be hard to say that it was really more efficient than working on paper.

But technology has come a long way in the past decade.  Internet speeds are much faster, HTML 5 and other new web platforms have come along, and now we have the cloud.  “The Cloud” is a term that’s been tossed around a lot recently, but few understand what it means.  Rather than having a dedicated server in your company’s office, or co-located in a server farm, your data exists on a network of extremely fast and capable servers all around the world.  What that means in more practical terms, is that you have instantaneous access to files and applications which are stored online, with backups and security handled automatically by the cloud service provider.  Now we can take advantage of that to build tools that would have been impossible only a few years ago.

In order to make that new tech useful, you need a company like All Conferencing.  Using only your web browser, All Conferencing gives you access to phone, web and video conferencing, appointment scheduling and reminders, document storage, sharing and editing, and everything else that you’ve been doing on your computer.  But since it’s all done through your browser, you can move from computer to computer, to your laptop, to your tablet or cell phone, and still have access to everything.  Online business management handled safely and securely, with no downloads or complicated setup, no worries about security or backups, it’s all taken care of.

Switching from older and complicated software to All Conferencing can be done in a matter of minutes.  Create your account, upload your files, move between your computers and never have to worry about software.  But don’t take our word for it.  Sign up for your account today and start using our system, and the first time you start a conference call, web conference or video conference, it’s free.  No hassles, no risks.

Online Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Online appointment scheduling makes a lot of sense when you have a busy schedule and need to be able to access your calendar at any time.  Paper schedule books are a little bit old fashioned, you have to keep them with you and risk losing them.  Software scheduling applications like Outlook are okay, but they aren’t portable and you have to maintain copies between all your computers and devices.

By switching to online appointment scheduling, you can move from computer to computer, to your laptop, to your tablet and your cell phone, and always have the most up to date version of your schedule.

There are dedicated online appointment scheduling services, but if you’re ready to make the switch, it’s worth considering what other parts of your business can be made more efficient by handling it online.

That’s where All Conferencing comes in.  All Conferencing is a cloud based service for phone, web and video conferencing, but it goes far beyond that.  Your account comes with document and file storage and editing, you can share those files with others, and it’s all synced instantly between your computers.  What if you could ditch your clunky desktop applications entirely?  You can handle your scheduling, manage your documents, host meetings and conferences, and run your entire business easily without having to worry about downloads, syncing, software compatibility issues, backups and security.

But even if you’re just using it for online appointment scheduling gives you some big advantages over other systems.  For instance, you have access to phone or SMS (text message) reminders for your meetings.  Never get caught running late, because you’ll be warned that it’s time to get ready.  It’s all included as part of your account.

There are no monthly fees, just pay-as-you-go when you want to start a conference call, web meeting or video meeting.  Meanwhile you can manage your business without all the hassles.

We think that you’ll like All Conferencing so much that signing up and starting your first conference call is free.  Get started with your online appointment scheduling today and see how much better it works than the way you’ve been doing things.

Cloud Service Providers – Conferencing, Documents and Office Tools

Cloud service providers like All Conferencing can change the way that you do business, saving you time and energy.

In the past year “The Cloud” has been tossed around as the latest and greatest buzzword, but most people don’t understand the practical value of it.  The basic idea is that websites and applications can be hosted on a network of fast and powerful servers around the world, without being tied to one machine or location.  A technological novelty, but in and of itself doesn’t change much.

The real difference comes in how it can be used as a platform by cloud service providers to build tools that were not possible before.  The cloud allows people to access data much more quickly and reliably, almost as fast as accessing data on their own computer.  So now we can build applications that run on computers that are part of the cloud, but work through your web browser.  By running these programs and storing your data remotely, you can move from computer to computer, from your desktop to your laptop to your tablet, without having to transfer any files, and keep on working.  And you never have to worry about having different versions of software, buying multiple licenses for your software, maintaining and organizing different versions of files, or losing all your data.

All Conferencing, the leader amongst cloud service providers, has brought all these tools together in the cloud to help your office move more smoothly.  As the name of the company implies, your account includes access to phone conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing.  All based in the cloud, with no software to download.  But it goes way beyond that.  Store and edit your documents, share them with others.  Store your emails.  Manage your calendar online, and get reminders (via text message or phone calls) for upcoming meetings and events.  You can effectively move your entire business to the cloud without ever having to worry about software, file transfers, backups, compatibility, or confusing conferencing.

We’re so confident that you’ll want to make the switch, that you can try All Conferencing for free.  Sign up and host your first phone, web or video conference for free. Try out the interface, see how it all fits together, and find out how much easier things are in the cloud.

Why Should you be Collaborating in the Cloud?

Having any-time access to all the collaboration tools you need, including project files, quality audio and video conferencing, team forums, and a virtual meeting room with document presentation and markup tools, makes online meetings more efficient, teamwork more productive, and maximizes participation. Virtual teams make extensive use of sophisticated online team rooms, where each meeting is a collaboration opportunity to get actual work done. Collaborating in the Cloud becomes the virtual drive behind successful meetings that accelerate team progress and become an essential function of the business itself.

Web Meeting Tools

In the current business environment, it’s still possible to get by with the bare basics.  A pen and paper, a phone, and a place to be.  It’s true.  Some old-school types say that it’s the way to go, and that technological novelties are a passing distraction.  But they’re going to miss out, and many are quickly convinced once they see the power of modern web meeting tools.

All Conferencing is on the cutting edge of these services.  Blending traditional phone conferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing, with the advantages of being entirely based in the cloud, we offer web meeting tools that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

As soon as you sign up you have access to our advanced meeting manager.  Start a conference instantly or schedule one for the future.  Store all your contacts in our system.  Store your documents.  And as you move from computer to computer, desktop to laptop to tablet PC, you have access to all of them.

Connect with other participants in a conference.  See them over video chat.  Share documents and presentations instantly.  Share your screen with them to guide them.  Let them call in over the phone.  Safely and securely, power at your fingertips.

And it’s all done without any downloads.  All you need is a web browser.  Web and video chat instantly set up and ready to go, no complicated setup for you, your coworkers and your clients.  Save time by meeting online, don’t squander it on long installation and setup times.

We combine the user friendliness of consumer video chat with the rich features corporate web meeting tools.  And we do it in a way that’s easy AND affordable.  Don’t waste your time or energy elsewhere.  We’re so confident about our system that your first conference with our web meeting tools is free.  Head over to the main All Conferencing site to read more and sign up.


Web Based Video Conference

Are you looking to start a web based video conference?  Want cutting edge tools without downloads or hassles?  You’re in the right place.

At All Conferencing we bring you the ability to start a conference easily, efficiently and effectively, while being affordable at the same time.  Your account sets you up with our advanced meeting manager instantly, letting you start a conference now or schedule one in the future, whether you want to run a web based video conference, a web meeting, or a phone conference.

And we do it all without any downloads, installation, or complicated setup.  All you need to start your video conference is a computer with an internet connection, a web browser and a webcam.  Our system handles the rest.

We do it by hosting everything in the cloud.  That’s a term that’s tossed around loosely these days, but we actually take full advantage of it.  When you log into our system, you have access to meeting scheduling, document storage, all your contacts, instantly synced safely and securely from any computer that you log in from.  Don’t spend your day moving files from place to place as you go from desktop to laptop to tablet PC, just pop into All Conferencing and keep working where you left off.

You can start your web based video conference right now.  We’re so sure that you’ll like our system that your first one is on us.  Sign up for free and start conferencing today.

Video Meeting Software

So you’re ready to make the switch to video conferencing for your meetings.  It’s a smart choice, video meeting software gives you the flexibility of phone conferencing with the ability to share and present documents and files in the same way you would at an in-person meeting.  The question is how to get started.

There are a variety of options to choose from, and a wide range of providers.  There are the bare-bones consumer oriented video chat programs, but they lack the ability to conference in multiple participants, to share files, to show each others screens for presentations, and can’t handle people joining in by phone.  On the other end of the spectrum are the packages put together by some of the old-school telecoms.  Expensive, overly complicated, clunky, and hard to work with.  And with either the consumer or corporate options, you can end up with software that’s difficult to download, install and set up.  You end up wasting more time setting up your meeting than you save in travel time.

There’s a sweet spot in the middle though, and that’s the video meeting software from All Conferencing.  It has all the features and functionality of the corporate packages, with the ease of use, affordable pricing, and flexibility of consumer video meeting software.  After signing up you get access to the advanced meeting manager, letting you start a meeting immediately or schedule one for the future.  Everyone on your conference can log in online, share documents, share presentations, video conference, giving you full administrative controls.  Participants without a webcam can still log in through the site, and those who aren’t in front of a computer can call in with their phone.

And best of all, there are no downloads.  Unlike most video meeting software, we use your web browser and are based entirely in the cloud.  No downloads, no installation, bare minimum setup.  So no wasted time trying to get everything configured, just start the meeting and go.  And you can store your documents and contacts in our cloud office system as well, moving from computer to computer seamlessly without having to worry about moving files back and forth.  It’s good for your company, but it’s good for your clients too.  There’s nothing more embarrassing than technical hurdles and wasted time when you’re trying to move forward with a project.

Try out our video meeting software today.  We’re so sure that you’ll love it, your first conference is free.  Just head to All Conferencing and create your account, you’ll be starting your first video meeting in just a few minutes.





Advanced Meeting Manager Tools Overview

Here is a quick overview of our world class Advanced Meeting Manager features:

  • Instant Invite Tool
  • Instant Meeting Tool
  • Customize Invitations & Reminders
  • Meeting Negotiator
  • Reminder Services
  • Drag & Drop to make appointment into conferences
  • Import/Export Contacts
  • Create Address Groups
  • Automatic calendar integration
  • Set permission levels
  • Create recurring meetings in calendar
  • Automatic time zone adjustment for meetings
  • Share address books and calendars

World–class features. Intuitive ease of use. State of the art meeting tools you will want to try today and use forever.
The Advanced Meeting Manager makes sure your meetings
work smarter, not harder.