All Conferencing: Effective Collaboration in the Cloud

Effective collaboration is not about having more meetings; it’s about having better
meetings. Allconferencing realized long ago the need for conferencing that
incorporates features designed to play an essential role in the business itself, rather
than as merely a substitute for time and travel restrictions.
From the cloud, you can access all the features and tools you need to instantly meet
and collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere; increasing your meeting’s
attendance, participation, and entire team productivity, accelerating your overall
business success.
You and your team will instantly have a full suite of sophisticated collaboration
features and user-friendly tools.

  • Meeting Services with integrated scheduling calendar, Instant Meeting, RSVP,
  • Invite, and Reminder service, and automatic date/time Negotiator
  • Project Management with file-sharing, upload management, document whiteboard presentation and markup, and always on Instant Meeting
  • Project, file, and meeting Forums for collaboration and review both on and offline
  • Professional Meeting and presentation Room with web cam, desktop sharing, switch presenters, co-browsing, switch presenters, and more
  • Integrated Contact Management, Email, and Task Management
  • Online Event Conferencing available for large meetings and presentations
  • Personal Executive Assistant – Professional collaboration admin available to provide ongoing support both during meetings and offline

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