Audio And Video Conferencing

Audio and video conferencing are invaluable to modern businesses.  You need the best of both worlds, both the classic phone conferencing system, as well as the cutting edge video conferencing features.  Simplicity, with flexibility.

You may have an old-school phone conferencing system set up.  Either in-house, or through an expensive aging telecom company.  With all the basic functions that you would expect: a number to call in, a security code, a conference bridge that supports at least a handful of participants.

Keeping that sort of setup while adding video conferencing can unfortunately be a bit clunky.  You can shoehorn in consumer-designed video conferencing products with limited features, get all the participants in on the conference call, and then try to get video working.  Or you can pay out the nose to add video / web conferencing through your existing phone conferencing provider.  But it’s usually an add-on system.  Doesn’t really work the same.  Doesn’t really integrate both types of conferencing.  Doesn’t provide the ease of use that you’re looking for.

That’s why we designed the All Conferencing system from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern business.  As soon as you sign up you have access to the web based meeting system, specifically the advanced meeting manager.  Start a conference now, or schedule one in advance.  Import all of your contacts, store your documents online.  Most importantly, when you start your conference, everyone is on the same page.  Whether your users are on their computers and can see each other over their webcams, or simply want to call in on the phone, they can hop on board immediately.

And beyond that are the web conferencing features.  Share your screen with the other participants.  Share documents and other files.  Give presentations.  That’s with full moderation controls so you know who is in the conference and how they’re connected.

Everything is hosted in the cloud, which means you never have to download anything.  Log in and get started instantly, without any complicated installation or setup.  That means that whether you’re talking to your coworkers or your clients, nobody is embarrassed by wasted time trying to get connected.  Audio and video conferencing are ready to go within seconds.

So head to the main site and sign up – your first conference is free.  And when you see how smoothly it runs compared to your old solutions, you’ll be back.

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