Cloud Service Providers – Conferencing, Documents and Office Tools

Cloud service providers like All Conferencing can change the way that you do business, saving you time and energy.

In the past year “The Cloud” has been tossed around as the latest and greatest buzzword, but most people don’t understand the practical value of it.  The basic idea is that websites and applications can be hosted on a network of fast and powerful servers around the world, without being tied to one machine or location.  A technological novelty, but in and of itself doesn’t change much.

The real difference comes in how it can be used as a platform by cloud service providers to build tools that were not possible before.  The cloud allows people to access data much more quickly and reliably, almost as fast as accessing data on their own computer.  So now we can build applications that run on computers that are part of the cloud, but work through your web browser.  By running these programs and storing your data remotely, you can move from computer to computer, from your desktop to your laptop to your tablet, without having to transfer any files, and keep on working.  And you never have to worry about having different versions of software, buying multiple licenses for your software, maintaining and organizing different versions of files, or losing all your data.

All Conferencing, the leader amongst cloud service providers, has brought all these tools together in the cloud to help your office move more smoothly.  As the name of the company implies, your account includes access to phone conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing.  All based in the cloud, with no software to download.  But it goes way beyond that.  Store and edit your documents, share them with others.  Store your emails.  Manage your calendar online, and get reminders (via text message or phone calls) for upcoming meetings and events.  You can effectively move your entire business to the cloud without ever having to worry about software, file transfers, backups, compatibility, or confusing conferencing.

We’re so confident that you’ll want to make the switch, that you can try All Conferencing for free.  Sign up and host your first phone, web or video conference for free. Try out the interface, see how it all fits together, and find out how much easier things are in the cloud.