Advanced Meeting Manager Tools Overview

Here is a quick overview of our world class Advanced Meeting Manager features:

  • Instant Invite Tool
  • Instant Meeting Tool
  • Customize Invitations & Reminders
  • Meeting Negotiator
  • Reminder Services
  • Drag & Drop to make appointment into conferences
  • Import/Export Contacts
  • Create Address Groups
  • Automatic calendar integration
  • Set permission levels
  • Create recurring meetings in calendar
  • Automatic time zone adjustment for meetings
  • Share address books and calendars

World–class features. Intuitive ease of use. State of the art meeting tools you will want to try today and use forever.
The Advanced Meeting Manager makes sure your meetings
work smarter, not harder.

Advanced Meeting Manager 2.0

You don’t need more meetings, you need better ones

Holding meetings and conferences shouldn’t be difficult to manage. With our Advanced Meeting Manager, creating meetings, alerts, notifications and invitations just got easier. With our two newest features, InstaAdvanced Meeting Manager 2.0nt

Invite and Instant Meeting, notifying participants takes just seconds. Imagine never having to go back and forth between phone, email and text again. Our Instant tools provide you with new solutions and improved ways of working.

With Instant Invite you can save time and create custom invitations, alerts or notifications using this all–in–one smart tool. You can customize your invitations and send them via email, phone and even text. Set the invitations as a recurring event or save them to send at another time with just a click of your mouse. Your address book is integrated within the feature, so your contacts are available in an instant.

Advanced Meeting Manager

And once you’ve used our new Instant Meeting tool, you’ll never want to schedule your conference another way. With Instant Meeting you can set up an Easy Audio, Easy Web or Easy All meeting in seconds.

It saves all your meetings automatically, so you save time with recurring meetings. You can even choose how your participants will receive the meeting invitation, via email, phone and text.
The address book is fully integrated for easy access to
all your contacts.

But perhaps the most inventive feature of Instant Meeting is its ability to launch your conference for you. Once you launch an Easy Web meeting, the Easy Web Meeting Controller opens instantly, without ever having to sign in or enter a passcode. And when you use Instant Meeting for an Easy Audio conference, the Audio Panel calls you so you never have to memorize a call–in number, wait for voice prompts or enter passcodes. So for the first time ever, the conference comes to you.

Exclusive Collaboration Solutions

By using All Conferencing’s exclusive collaboration services, you will set in motion tools that will empower you, your meetings, your people, and your projects to collaborate with increased organization and efficiency. With allconferencing’s suite of Meeting Services, there is no need to chase everyone down with countless calls, emails, and texts, or spend time and money traveling to meet.
With the Manage Services panel, you can drag-and-drop an appointment onto the Meeting, Reminding, or Negotiation Services tabs, or doubleclick on the Instant Meeting or the Invite Services tabs, and launch powerful cloud-hosted tools to enable you to productively meet and collaborate with anyone instantly, anytime, anywhere.

All-in-One Collaboration Tool Set

All Data Secure Data upload, storage, sharing, and retrieval, i.e., Audio, Video, and Web files, music and image files, application files, .pdf documents – all resource files – stored securely in the cloud.

All Conferencing Audio, Video, and Web meetings, All Collaboration Management Realtime Meeting and Project Management online, offline, and during meetings. All Collaboration Tools Virtual Meeting Room with all the features and tools you need for successful collaborations, i.e., Forums.

Live Meeting Wizard With No Client To Download

Can our meeting wizard improve efficiency at your business?

Now you can start a live online meeting using a wizard, with no client to download.  Move from computer to computer, to mobile devices and tablets, completely seamlessly with all the features that you expect.

Whether you’re looking to start a video or web conference, or a traditional phone conference, you can set it all up online with nothing to download for a live meeting.  Our meeting wizard will walk you through all the steps of getting the perfect meeting set up for you.

All Conferencing now offers a suite of online meeting tools that work without any need to download or install any software.  Host any type of conference through the cloud, with all your meeting controls available directly through the web interface.  You can also screen share, document share, and it even includes a free online calendar.  Set up your sample meeting minutes in just seconds. Easy to use, you can learn how to conduct a meeting in no time at all.