Phone Conference Bridge Vs Web Conference Bridge

What sort of conference bridge do you need?

Choosing a conferencing service can be a little bit overwhelming.  All the major companies use slightly different terms to describe their features and functionality, and it can make it hard to figure out what any one company is offering, much less how they can compare to others.  We want to help clear up some of the confusion.

To start with, many people ask what the difference between a phone conference bridge and a web conference bridge is.  How do they work together?  How do they compare?  What are the differences?

The difference between phone conferencing and web conferencing is ultimately, 30 years of technology.

Phone conferencing has been around for decades.  Using dedicated hardware, phone conferencing connects several callers together.  This used to be done by having many phone lines run to a single location, and a phone conferencing bridge which would link them together.  The traditional style of conference call that most people are familiar with.

A web conference bridge takes this a step further.  Rather than just linking people together by phone, web conferencing allows participants to share documents and text with each other online, even show their entire computer screen to each other.  A user can call in the same way that they would with a traditional phone conferencing bridge, though now rather than being routed through dedicated phone lines a web conference bridge will use VoIP (voice over IP, in other words voice over internet) technology.  So a conference can have hundreds of participants rather than being limited by the number of physical phone lines which are run to the building.  Or they can join the conference using only their computer, using their speakers/headphones and a microphone, and can even use their webcams to see each other.  This makes for a lot of saved time and hassle, not having to deal with faxing everyone documents before a meeting and digging through papers so that everyone is ‘on the same page’. And with a web conference bridge, you can create a conference call instantly, with all the features of a phone conference bridge, with added security and moderation features.

So a web conference bridge takes the features of a phone conference bridge, but brings all the new online meeting technologies into the mix.  And with All Conferencing, you get both.  You can run a traditional phone conference, or you can run a high-tech web conference.  The choice is yours, and your participants.  And at one of the most affordable rates in web conferencing today, it’s a cutting edge solution to the modern business world.