Video Meeting Software

So you’re ready to make the switch to video conferencing for your meetings.  It’s a smart choice, video meeting software gives you the flexibility of phone conferencing with the ability to share and present documents and files in the same way you would at an in-person meeting.  The question is how to get started.

There are a variety of options to choose from, and a wide range of providers.  There are the bare-bones consumer oriented video chat programs, but they lack the ability to conference in multiple participants, to share files, to show each others screens for presentations, and can’t handle people joining in by phone.  On the other end of the spectrum are the packages put together by some of the old-school telecoms.  Expensive, overly complicated, clunky, and hard to work with.  And with either the consumer or corporate options, you can end up with software that’s difficult to download, install and set up.  You end up wasting more time setting up your meeting than you save in travel time.

There’s a sweet spot in the middle though, and that’s the video meeting software from All Conferencing.  It has all the features and functionality of the corporate packages, with the ease of use, affordable pricing, and flexibility of consumer video meeting software.  After signing up you get access to the advanced meeting manager, letting you start a meeting immediately or schedule one for the future.  Everyone on your conference can log in online, share documents, share presentations, video conference, giving you full administrative controls.  Participants without a webcam can still log in through the site, and those who aren’t in front of a computer can call in with their phone.

And best of all, there are no downloads.  Unlike most video meeting software, we use your web browser and are based entirely in the cloud.  No downloads, no installation, bare minimum setup.  So no wasted time trying to get everything configured, just start the meeting and go.  And you can store your documents and contacts in our cloud office system as well, moving from computer to computer seamlessly without having to worry about moving files back and forth.  It’s good for your company, but it’s good for your clients too.  There’s nothing more embarrassing than technical hurdles and wasted time when you’re trying to move forward with a project.

Try out our video meeting software today.  We’re so sure that you’ll love it, your first conference is free.  Just head to All Conferencing and create your account, you’ll be starting your first video meeting in just a few minutes.





Phone Conference Bridge Vs Web Conference Bridge

What sort of conference bridge do you need?

Choosing a conferencing service can be a little bit overwhelming.  All the major companies use slightly different terms to describe their features and functionality, and it can make it hard to figure out what any one company is offering, much less how they can compare to others.  We want to help clear up some of the confusion.

To start with, many people ask what the difference between a phone conference bridge and a web conference bridge is.  How do they work together?  How do they compare?  What are the differences?

The difference between phone conferencing and web conferencing is ultimately, 30 years of technology.

Phone conferencing has been around for decades.  Using dedicated hardware, phone conferencing connects several callers together.  This used to be done by having many phone lines run to a single location, and a phone conferencing bridge which would link them together.  The traditional style of conference call that most people are familiar with.

A web conference bridge takes this a step further.  Rather than just linking people together by phone, web conferencing allows participants to share documents and text with each other online, even show their entire computer screen to each other.  A user can call in the same way that they would with a traditional phone conferencing bridge, though now rather than being routed through dedicated phone lines a web conference bridge will use VoIP (voice over IP, in other words voice over internet) technology.  So a conference can have hundreds of participants rather than being limited by the number of physical phone lines which are run to the building.  Or they can join the conference using only their computer, using their speakers/headphones and a microphone, and can even use their webcams to see each other.  This makes for a lot of saved time and hassle, not having to deal with faxing everyone documents before a meeting and digging through papers so that everyone is ‘on the same page’. And with a web conference bridge, you can create a conference call instantly, with all the features of a phone conference bridge, with added security and moderation features.

So a web conference bridge takes the features of a phone conference bridge, but brings all the new online meeting technologies into the mix.  And with All Conferencing, you get both.  You can run a traditional phone conference, or you can run a high-tech web conference.  The choice is yours, and your participants.  And at one of the most affordable rates in web conferencing today, it’s a cutting edge solution to the modern business world.

Online Web / Video Conferencing

We have a lot of people coming to us asking exactly what the advantages are of online Web / Video conferencing are and why they should switch over.  The answer is simple: efficiency.

Many business owners have the misconception in mind that moving away from their traditional phone conferencing system (either in-house or from their old telecommunications provider) will make things more complicated.  That they will have to have an abundance of technically savvy, that it will take forever to get their employees (much less their clients) trained on how to use it, that it will be a huge waste of time and energy.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, online Web / Video conferencing is easy to set up, at least it is through us.  It’s easier than trying to deal with clunky old phone conferencing systems.  You sign up and log in to our site, start a conference, and immediately have a phone number that participants can dial into (with a security code).  So if you want to run a phone conference the way that you used to, it’s all there immediately, except you can see who is connected and who isn’t.  But it goes further than that.  Participants can also join by clicking a link in their email, and hop on to see each other with their webcams.  You can share documents with them, give presentations, show each others screens.  You can do pretty much anything that you can in an in-person meeting which would be impossible over a phone call.

But the complicated download, installation and setup process?  With us, there isn’t one.  Our entire conferencing system is based in the cloud.  You may have heard that term talked around.  Without going into a lot of unnecessary details, in our case it means that you log into our site with your web browser, start the conference from there, and you’re already set up.  No downloads, no installation, no wasted time.  And it works exactly the same way for your clients.  It also means that you can upload your contacts, your documents, your other important files, and schedule future conferences, in a way that is accessible from any computer that you want to use.  That means you can move from one desktop computer to another, to your laptop, to your tablet PC, and still have access to everything.  No complicated syncing or setup required.  Gone are the days of emailing files to yourself to have them on multiple computers, or having a million “Re: attachment” emails for updated version.  You’re up and ready to go immediately.

So try out All Conferencing and compare it to your current setup.  See if it’s actually easier, we’re confident enough that it will be that your first conference is free.