Health Advice via Video Conferencing by Gen-i

Gen-i plans to offer health advice via video and web conferencing, as recently announced at the Health Informatics New Zealand conference.

While video and web conferencing may not yet offer the same level of detail as an in-person visit, this is a huge leap forward in the availability of initial diagnosis and treatment.

Patients from remote areas, poor countries, and other places with no reliable access to hospitals and doctors will be able to receive some basic feedback in real time by a network of health professionals.

Many diseases benefit massively from early diagnosis, and this is an ideal solution for many.  Expect this to save lives in the next few years.

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Video Conferencing for Global Understanding Course Connects International Students

The Global Understanding Course connects students from all over the world using web and video conferencing.

In an attempt to explore connection and differences in learning, students from around the globe have been connected in shared classes.  Learning from each other and about each other, they’ve managed to grow together and gain a better understanding of students in vastly different parts of the world.

Started by the Eastern Carolina University in 2003, the Global Understanding Course connects students from over 40 institutions.  Currently they’re working with groups from Algeria, Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Gambia, India, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Namibia, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America and Venezuela.

Web / Video Conferencing Rolled out in Florida Legal System

Floridian courts are now beginning to take advantage of video and web conferencing to save time and money during cases.

Many court cases require a translator to be present as one or more of the parties involved may not be a native English speaker.  This means hiring a translator to be present for the entire trial, with a lot of time and effort used simply in travel back and forth.  Which also means paying for lawyers, judges and other court officials to wait around.

By rolling out a web conferencing system that allows the translator to work remotely, a single translator can work in any courtroom without having to physically travel there.  This means the entire system can operate more efficiently and a single translator can handle trials being held hundreds of miles apart in the same day.

This is a good example of how we’ll be seeing web conferencing using in a day to day basis in the next few years.  As the bandwidth and technology to run a web and video conference is becoming more common, it’s trivial to get everything set up safely and securely.

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Australian Bank Tests Video Conferencing Kiosks

The Members Equity Bank of Australia is getting ready to switch away from traditional bank tellers, replacing them with video kiosks.

As a sort of hybrid in between ATMs and regular bank tellers, bank visitors will be greeted with a web conference with a live bank teller.  As some (often older) visitors will often be intimidated by ATMs, the new video kiosks will help aid any day-to-day transactions remotely.

So from simple withdrawals, to deposits and transfers, a remote bank teller can help users complete all their transactions with ease.

This may dramatically increase efficiency for the bank, as a single remote teller can help users from all over the world.

And at the same time, it means that remote help can be available 24 hours per day at the kiosks, rather than limiting bankers to the traditional 9 to 5 hours (which make bank visits difficult for many full time workers).

Will this experiment become the standard for more and more businesses?  Web conferencing is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years, so perhaps as the average person becomes more familiar, we’ll be seeing kiosks like this pop up more and more often.

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Web Conferencing Market Increasing 18% from 2011-2015

TechNavio is reporting that the web conferencing market will grow by 18.2% from 2011 to 2015.

This is due to the growing need for businesses to be able to share and collaborate more closely, no matter where they’re located.  While the traditional phone conferencing market is stable, there’s an increasing need for document and screen sharing.  It allows businesspeople to work together in real-time without the lag and confusion of sharing documents over email or other services.

And with newer cloud conferencing features like cloud-based collaboration and document sharing, there’s less dependence on being near any one device.  Users can participate from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and still have access to all their documents and communications.

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The Roots of The Current Online Meeting Industry

Invented by Bell Labs in 1956, audio conferencing was first
introduced to the public in 1964 by ATT at the New York
World’s Fair setting the industry standard for phone-quality
conferencing. Audio conferencing soon emerged as an
alternative way to include remote workers in meetings.
As audio conferencing began to make businesses more
productive, businesses took notice. Audio conferencing in
conjunction with email allowed workers to be more
productive both in and out of the office.
These second generation leaders then included basic web
meeting services as an upgrade to audio conferencing.
With the emergence of chat and instant messaging,
second generation leaders such as GoToMeeting and
WebEx, began cloud-based meeting services without
voice, as they lacked the audio conferencing technology.
These third gens bypassed high quality phone-audio to
offer basic desktop audio. This made audio cheaper and
more accessible, but anyone who’s been in one of these
meetings knows desktop audio significantly lacks the
sound quality and reliability of phone-quality voice.
Microsoft Lync’s meeting service is an example of a
next generation leader, yet its enterprise platform is
costly and complex to setup. It’s not only expensive to
purchase and use, it also takes months to complete the
complex implementation it requires. Apart from
purchasing the cumbersome platform itself, it’s still an
additional 15¢ per minute for toll-free quality audio.
You cannot have a successful meeting and experience the
full benefit of online collaboration tools without toll-free
phone-quality audio.

What is a Web Conference Bridge

Conference calls are phone calls in which several people can join in at once. They save the time and hassle of having to call many people individually, and allow everyone to communicate more directly. In business, time is money, and nothing is a bigger waste of time and unnecessary and redundant communication.

But how do you make a conference call? With your land line or cell phone you can only call 1 person at a time, with some providers offering 3-way calling so that you can call 2 people at once. Instead, a conference bridge serves as a hub between all the callers. Each person dials into the conference bridge, goes through some security procedures, and then joins the shared call. The conference bridge itself can support tens, hundreds or thousands of people calling in at the same time.

So the conference bridge automatically handles the whole process, making it a painless procedure for the people setting it up.

Some companies will choose to install a conference bridge in their building, but this is fairly difficult. It requires many phone lines (or VoIP lines), physical space, and maintenance. It’s only worthwhile for very large corporations who would prefer to do everything in-house. Most small to mid-sized businesses choose to pay for conferencing services through a 3rd party, such as All Conferencing. This makes the whole process very easy, and they can count on secure, reliable service available at all times.

Recently, it’s become popular to go with a web conference bridge. Rather than working through only the phone system, a web conference bridge adds extra features available to people who are on their computer. New conference calls and security codes can be assigned instantly. The system shows who is attending and where they are. Some web conference bridge support screen-sharing, where one user can show their computer screen to all the others, or video chat.

More than ever, the ease of communication allows for a smooth flow of business. A web conference bridge can help grow your company into what you want it to be.



Live Meeting Wizard With No Client To Download

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