Meeting Negotiation & Reminder Services

It’s time you got to know and learn about all our Advanced Meeting Manager features. The newest ones and the classics like our Meeting Negotiator and Reminder Services. Our Meeting Negotiator feature allows you to create a conference, and then offers up to 4 options for the date and time for your attendees. Your invitees vote on their top 3 options for the best date and time, and you receive a report for the best time for everyone.
So your conferences occur at the right time every time. It’s like having a virtual assistant at your fingertips, for handling effortlessly the numerous situations needed to
agree on a meeting time.

Meeting Negotiation Services

Even after you schedule your conferences, using our Reminder Services make things easier than ever. Reminding and confirming participants for your conference is essential. You can choose when the reminder occurs and who to remind (all attendees or
particular attendees

You can also choose whether the reminder is delivered via phone message, text or email. Want your participants to have specific information, notices or instructions prior to the meeting? You have the choice to send a standard reminder notice or customize your own message. Meeting tools that work smarter and faster, saving you time and energy so your work life is easier.

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