Meeting Negotiation & Reminder Services

It’s time you got to know and learn about all our Advanced Meeting Manager features. The newest ones and the classics like our Meeting Negotiator and Reminder Services. Our Meeting Negotiator feature allows you to create a conference, and then offers up to 4 options for the date and time for your attendees. Your invitees vote on their top 3 options for the best date and time, and you receive a report for the best time for everyone.
So your conferences occur at the right time every time. It’s like having a virtual assistant at your fingertips, for handling effortlessly the numerous situations needed to
agree on a meeting time.

Meeting Negotiation Services

Even after you schedule your conferences, using our Reminder Services make things easier than ever. Reminding and confirming participants for your conference is essential. You can choose when the reminder occurs and who to remind (all attendees or
particular attendees

You can also choose whether the reminder is delivered via phone message, text or email. Want your participants to have specific information, notices or instructions prior to the meeting? You have the choice to send a standard reminder notice or customize your own message. Meeting tools that work smarter and faster, saving you time and energy so your work life is easier.

Advanced Meeting Manager 2.0

You don’t need more meetings, you need better ones

Holding meetings and conferences shouldn’t be difficult to manage. With our Advanced Meeting Manager, creating meetings, alerts, notifications and invitations just got easier. With our two newest features, InstaAdvanced Meeting Manager 2.0nt

Invite and Instant Meeting, notifying participants takes just seconds. Imagine never having to go back and forth between phone, email and text again. Our Instant tools provide you with new solutions and improved ways of working.

With Instant Invite you can save time and create custom invitations, alerts or notifications using this all–in–one smart tool. You can customize your invitations and send them via email, phone and even text. Set the invitations as a recurring event or save them to send at another time with just a click of your mouse. Your address book is integrated within the feature, so your contacts are available in an instant.

Advanced Meeting Manager

And once you’ve used our new Instant Meeting tool, you’ll never want to schedule your conference another way. With Instant Meeting you can set up an Easy Audio, Easy Web or Easy All meeting in seconds.

It saves all your meetings automatically, so you save time with recurring meetings. You can even choose how your participants will receive the meeting invitation, via email, phone and text.
The address book is fully integrated for easy access to
all your contacts.

But perhaps the most inventive feature of Instant Meeting is its ability to launch your conference for you. Once you launch an Easy Web meeting, the Easy Web Meeting Controller opens instantly, without ever having to sign in or enter a passcode. And when you use Instant Meeting for an Easy Audio conference, the Audio Panel calls you so you never have to memorize a call–in number, wait for voice prompts or enter passcodes. So for the first time ever, the conference comes to you.

Phone Conference Bridge Vs Web Conference Bridge

What sort of conference bridge do you need?

Choosing a conferencing service can be a little bit overwhelming.  All the major companies use slightly different terms to describe their features and functionality, and it can make it hard to figure out what any one company is offering, much less how they can compare to others.  We want to help clear up some of the confusion.

To start with, many people ask what the difference between a phone conference bridge and a web conference bridge is.  How do they work together?  How do they compare?  What are the differences?

The difference between phone conferencing and web conferencing is ultimately, 30 years of technology.

Phone conferencing has been around for decades.  Using dedicated hardware, phone conferencing connects several callers together.  This used to be done by having many phone lines run to a single location, and a phone conferencing bridge which would link them together.  The traditional style of conference call that most people are familiar with.

A web conference bridge takes this a step further.  Rather than just linking people together by phone, web conferencing allows participants to share documents and text with each other online, even show their entire computer screen to each other.  A user can call in the same way that they would with a traditional phone conferencing bridge, though now rather than being routed through dedicated phone lines a web conference bridge will use VoIP (voice over IP, in other words voice over internet) technology.  So a conference can have hundreds of participants rather than being limited by the number of physical phone lines which are run to the building.  Or they can join the conference using only their computer, using their speakers/headphones and a microphone, and can even use their webcams to see each other.  This makes for a lot of saved time and hassle, not having to deal with faxing everyone documents before a meeting and digging through papers so that everyone is ‘on the same page’. And with a web conference bridge, you can create a conference call instantly, with all the features of a phone conference bridge, with added security and moderation features.

So a web conference bridge takes the features of a phone conference bridge, but brings all the new online meeting technologies into the mix.  And with All Conferencing, you get both.  You can run a traditional phone conference, or you can run a high-tech web conference.  The choice is yours, and your participants.  And at one of the most affordable rates in web conferencing today, it’s a cutting edge solution to the modern business world.

Advantages of Video Conferencing Without Video Conference Software

Did you know that your business can have video conferencing, without needing complicated video conference software? Should you be leveraging the advantages of video conferencing?

More and more businesses are growing to depend on meeting via video.  Why fly across the country to have a face-to-face when you can open up your video conference software and be connected in just a few seconds?  What if you took it a step further, and had all the advantages of video conferencing without all the hassle?

The catch lies in the technical hurdles.  If you’re relying on stand-alone video conference software, you have to deal with all the issues of a new program.  You have to download it, install it, set it set up and configured with your webcam, hope that there are Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile versions available.  This isn’t easy for people for who don’t already know how to video conference.

And what if you have to move between devices?  You can get the video chat up and running, but what about all your documents?

Wouldn’t it be easier to have the video meeting without the video conference software?  Well that’s exactly what we’re doing.  By moving our full conferencing system and office suite to the cloud, All Conferencing offers all the tools you need through a web-based interface.  You can have your video, web and phone conferences without ever needing to download any software, it all works directly through the site.  Plus you get access to our full office suite for all your documents, no matter where you are.  Stop wasting time sending email attachment after email attachment, or using network shares, trying to get everyone on the same page.

Day after day we have people deciding to ditch the old school Cisco video conference, AT&T phone conferences, and similar systems in favor of our cloud based solutions.  Give us a call to see how we can get you set up immediately.  There are a lot of advantages of video conferencing, and they can be yours today.

Cloud Computing Definition, Advantages & Cloud Service Providers

Not sure what cloud computing is?  Read on and we’ll tell you the cloud computing definition.

“Cloud Computing” is a term that’s been tossed around a lot in the past couple of years.  More and more companies are selling it, touting that they’re using it, and pushing people towards it, without really explaining it.  The cloud computing definition is probably more simple than you realize, and the advantages of going with a cloud service provider are huge.

The structure of home and business computing, and the internet, has remained relatively stable for the past few decades.  You bought a computer for yourself that’s powerful enough to accomplish your needs, whether that’s word processing, design, graphic arts, music production, or any other common use.  And if you needed to communicate with other computers, you would connect to a server via the internet.  If you needed access to a website, your computer would talk to the server that hosts that website, and that server would send you back the page of the website that you requested. It was all very linear and direct.

We can define cloud computing as being the decentralization of that system.  Rather than one server hosting one website, and all users connecting to that one server, that website can be mirrored across many servers.  And users just connect to the closest, fastest server for them.  One of the advantages of cloud computing is that no one server gets overwhelmed; if one site suddenly gets a lot of traffic it can be handled by many servers at once and no users are left with a slow (or worse: broken) site.  Other cloud computing benefits include additional security.  If a site is victim to a DDoS attack, the redundant servers will be able to handle and reroute the traffic.  And it means having extra backups.  Even if a hacker is able to penetrate and wipe out one server, there as many other copies of the site which can be seamlessly reloaded.

Most major sites are now working with cloud service providers. already had their own cloud server system in place for themselves, and now sell cloud based hosting.  Wikipedia and similar sites have moved over to the cloud in order to handle their massive bandwidth needs.  Cloud computing wiki access is faster and more reliable than ever.

Cloud computing software has been going towards more than just web serving though.  More and more services are being moved to the cloud.  As bandwidth increases, it’s often more efficient to process data on a server and send it to a client.  Some companies are even experimenting with video games being played via the cloud.  All the taxing hardware rendering is done on the server and the picture is sent to client hardware that lacks the capacity of advanced graphics (e.g. tablet PCs).

Most practically, we’re seeing services like All Conferencing step up to the plate with their cloud solutions.  We’ve moved our entire phone, web and video conferencing services to the cloud, and now offer an entire office suite.  That means being able to move from computer to computer, to mobile devices, seamlessly maintaining your conferences, documents, and everything you need to run your business.  Give us a call today to see what the cloud can do for you.

Now you can give the cloud computing definition to your friends.

Health Advice via Video Conferencing by Gen-i

Gen-i plans to offer health advice via video and web conferencing, as recently announced at the Health Informatics New Zealand conference.

While video and web conferencing may not yet offer the same level of detail as an in-person visit, this is a huge leap forward in the availability of initial diagnosis and treatment.

Patients from remote areas, poor countries, and other places with no reliable access to hospitals and doctors will be able to receive some basic feedback in real time by a network of health professionals.

Many diseases benefit massively from early diagnosis, and this is an ideal solution for many.  Expect this to save lives in the next few years.

For cutting edge web conferencing and video conferencing based in the cloud, look to All Conferencing as your solution.

Video Conferencing for Global Understanding Course Connects International Students

The Global Understanding Course connects students from all over the world using web and video conferencing.

In an attempt to explore connection and differences in learning, students from around the globe have been connected in shared classes.  Learning from each other and about each other, they’ve managed to grow together and gain a better understanding of students in vastly different parts of the world.

Started by the Eastern Carolina University in 2003, the Global Understanding Course connects students from over 40 institutions.  Currently they’re working with groups from Algeria, Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Gambia, India, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Namibia, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America and Venezuela.

Web / Video Conferencing Rolled out in Florida Legal System

Floridian courts are now beginning to take advantage of video and web conferencing to save time and money during cases.

Many court cases require a translator to be present as one or more of the parties involved may not be a native English speaker.  This means hiring a translator to be present for the entire trial, with a lot of time and effort used simply in travel back and forth.  Which also means paying for lawyers, judges and other court officials to wait around.

By rolling out a web conferencing system that allows the translator to work remotely, a single translator can work in any courtroom without having to physically travel there.  This means the entire system can operate more efficiently and a single translator can handle trials being held hundreds of miles apart in the same day.

This is a good example of how we’ll be seeing web conferencing using in a day to day basis in the next few years.  As the bandwidth and technology to run a web and video conference is becoming more common, it’s trivial to get everything set up safely and securely.

For the leaders in cloud-based web and video conferencing, look to All Conferencing.  We can handle all your needs with the care and security that you can trust.

Australian Bank Tests Video Conferencing Kiosks

The Members Equity Bank of Australia is getting ready to switch away from traditional bank tellers, replacing them with video kiosks.

As a sort of hybrid in between ATMs and regular bank tellers, bank visitors will be greeted with a web conference with a live bank teller.  As some (often older) visitors will often be intimidated by ATMs, the new video kiosks will help aid any day-to-day transactions remotely.

So from simple withdrawals, to deposits and transfers, a remote bank teller can help users complete all their transactions with ease.

This may dramatically increase efficiency for the bank, as a single remote teller can help users from all over the world.

And at the same time, it means that remote help can be available 24 hours per day at the kiosks, rather than limiting bankers to the traditional 9 to 5 hours (which make bank visits difficult for many full time workers).

Will this experiment become the standard for more and more businesses?  Web conferencing is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years, so perhaps as the average person becomes more familiar, we’ll be seeing kiosks like this pop up more and more often.

For now, check out All Conferencing the leader in cloud-based web conferencing solutions.  Whether you need basic phone conferencing, advanced web features, or something more unique and innovative, we’re here to serve you.

Web Conferencing Market Increasing 18% from 2011-2015

TechNavio is reporting that the web conferencing market will grow by 18.2% from 2011 to 2015.

This is due to the growing need for businesses to be able to share and collaborate more closely, no matter where they’re located.  While the traditional phone conferencing market is stable, there’s an increasing need for document and screen sharing.  It allows businesspeople to work together in real-time without the lag and confusion of sharing documents over email or other services.

And with newer cloud conferencing features like cloud-based collaboration and document sharing, there’s less dependence on being near any one device.  Users can participate from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and still have access to all their documents and communications.

More companies are looking towards cloud conferencing leader All Conferencing for their web conferencing needs.  Their advanced features, ease of use, and competitive pricing offer them an edge over the slow moving traditional telecom companies.