Rapid Growth in Cloud Adoption

Moving collaborative work online to the Cloud is already happening now. To be able to share a work space in the Cloud, among people from different organizations and locations, makes resources accessible anytime from anywhere. This changes the very nature of traditional collaborative work. No longer powerless online meeting spaces with poor quality sound and no tools, meetings on modern collaboration platforms have become the workplace of the future. That is why even in these difficult economic times, adoption of online-hosted collaboation systems has seen double digit growth. According to Microsoft, 35% of small businesses have already adopted cloud-hosted technology, and 73% say it has reduced their IT costs and improved their work response times. Moreover, unlike earlier uses of conferencing, which were primarily to reduce travel costs, the adoption of audio and web conferencing has increasingly shifted to conducting the business itself through advanced conferencing technology. This transition is slowed, however, by the need to learn how to use the new tools. Many of the leading enterprises still rely on administrative staff to arrange even a simple audio conference. Most need an administrator to be the “operator” during the meeting, just in case the meeting needs to be managed. Still, when it comes to the tools, such as online conferencing, collaboration management, file-sharing, or simply taking a vote among meeting participants, many admins today cannot assist. They too need training. All Conferencing’s services and tools are user-ready with no special training required; however, whenever you need assistance, we provide great customer care through phone, email andchat. We are also the first to provide a cloud-based collaboration system with a real human administrator to assist you on a continuing basis, during meetings, between meetings, both on and offline. We are the only vendor to supply such ongoing personal support whenever you or your team needs assistance. Your Personal Executive Assistant will relieve you from the time and cost of learning new tools and empower you to focus on your core business.

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