Online Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Online appointment scheduling makes a lot of sense when you have a busy schedule and need to be able to access your calendar at any time.  Paper schedule books are a little bit old fashioned, you have to keep them with you and risk losing them.  Software scheduling applications like Outlook are okay, but they aren’t portable and you have to maintain copies between all your computers and devices.

By switching to online appointment scheduling, you can move from computer to computer, to your laptop, to your tablet and your cell phone, and always have the most up to date version of your schedule.

There are dedicated online appointment scheduling services, but if you’re ready to make the switch, it’s worth considering what other parts of your business can be made more efficient by handling it online.

That’s where All Conferencing comes in.  All Conferencing is a cloud based service for phone, web and video conferencing, but it goes far beyond that.  Your account comes with document and file storage and editing, you can share those files with others, and it’s all synced instantly between your computers.  What if you could ditch your clunky desktop applications entirely?  You can handle your scheduling, manage your documents, host meetings and conferences, and run your entire business easily without having to worry about downloads, syncing, software compatibility issues, backups and security.

But even if you’re just using it for online appointment scheduling gives you some big advantages over other systems.  For instance, you have access to phone or SMS (text message) reminders for your meetings.  Never get caught running late, because you’ll be warned that it’s time to get ready.  It’s all included as part of your account.

There are no monthly fees, just pay-as-you-go when you want to start a conference call, web meeting or video meeting.  Meanwhile you can manage your business without all the hassles.

We think that you’ll like All Conferencing so much that signing up and starting your first conference call is free.  Get started with your online appointment scheduling today and see how much better it works than the way you’ve been doing things.