How To Teleconference

Don’t get overwhelmed, it doesn’t take long to learn how to teleconference, at least when you’re using All Conferencing.   When you know what you want to accomplish, teleconferencing is pretty easy to set up.

You probably have some idea why your business needs to start teleconferencing.  In it’s most basic form, teleconference services offer conference calls, where multiple people call into the same number and are connected within one phone call.  This used to be somewhat complicated.  You could install an in-house conferencing system, which required a lot of phone lines, a hardware conference bridge that connected them together, a lot of configuration (passwords, etc) and you had to let everyone know when and where to call in.  Or you could pay way too much for a big name company to set it up for you, paying out the ear with limited instruction on how to teleconference.

These days things are much simpler.  There’s no need for expensive hardware, and you’re not tied into overpaying for complicated service.  We’ll go into the more advanced features in a second – but right now you need to hear this: it’s easy.  Sign up for All Conferencing and within seconds you’ll be able to start a conference call.  Create an account, we’ll walk you through the basic steps, and you’ll immediately have a number to dial into, a security code to log in with, and a way of telling all the other participants about it over email, text messages or a phone call.

Easy, simple, and ready to go as soon as you are.  If that’s all you want, don’t let us stop you, go create your account right now and your first conferences will be completely free for the next 3 hours.

But if you have a few minutes, it’s worth knowing what else we do.  This isn’t the 80s anymore, and conferencing isn’t limited to phones.  By setting up a conference in the same way as above, you’ll immediately have access to moderator controls on your computer.  You can see who’s in your conference, you can see how their connected, you can mute certain people.  Don’t waste time trying to make sure that everybody is where they’re supposed to be.

And while you’re on your computer, take it a step forward.  If you have a webcam, it’s already set up.  Instantly video conference with the other participants.  If someone doesn’t have a phone available but has their computer, they’re still ready to go.

Or share your screen.  Have a Powerpoint document up that you really want to show everyone?  Do it!  They can see what you see, zero hassles.

And if you want them to have that same presentation to hold on to for later, use the built in cloud storage.  Upload your files to your account, share them with others, and move from computer to computer without having to worry about transferring them or emailing them to yourself.  It works on your desktop, it works on your laptop, it works on your tablet and it works on your mobile phone.

So those are the basics of learning how to teleconference.  There’s more to find out, but you’ll see when you’re in your first conference.  If it seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through every step of the way.