Take A Tour Of The All Conferencing Cloud

All Conferencing’s cloud-hosted platform includes audio and web conferencing, an
interactive calendar system with integrated email, a document management system,
a file sharing system, and real-time project management tools all integrated into a
single collaboration solution, empowering everyone to securely access these key
team tools anytime, from anywhere, instantly.

Our system is easy to use and has four main user screens to set up and hold meetings,
and take advantage of many other collaboration features. These include the Meeting
Manager, the Project Manager, the Meeting Controller, and the Meeting Room.

Between meetings, you will manage meetings and projects using the Meeting and
Project Managers. With Meeting Manager you will manage meeting schedules and
notifications. With the Project Manager you can create project and file groups, join
group forums, upload and manages files, and assign upload and access privileges.
During meetings, you will use the Meeting Controller to enter the Meeting Room and
simply conduct and control your meeting and monitor participant actions. This is also
how you officially end your live meeting.

You will use the Meeting Room to hold online audio, video, and web conferences.
Everything you do in the Meeting Room will be visible to your participants.
These four areas integrate to deliver a powerful enterprise collaboration solution that
results in virtual meetings that are even more efficient than attending a live meeting


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