Web / Video Conferencing Rolled out in Florida Legal System

Floridian courts are now beginning to take advantage of video and web conferencing to save time and money during cases.

Many court cases require a translator to be present as one or more of the parties involved may not be a native English speaker.  This means hiring a translator to be present for the entire trial, with a lot of time and effort used simply in travel back and forth.  Which also means paying for lawyers, judges and other court officials to wait around.

By rolling out a web conferencing system that allows the translator to work remotely, a single translator can work in any courtroom without having to physically travel there.  This means the entire system can operate more efficiently and a single translator can handle trials being held hundreds of miles apart in the same day.

This is a good example of how we’ll be seeing web conferencing using in a day to day basis in the next few years.  As the bandwidth and technology to run a web and video conference is becoming more common, it’s trivial to get everything set up safely and securely.

For the leaders in cloud-based web and video conferencing, look to All Conferencing.  We can handle all your needs with the care and security that you can trust.

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