What is a Web Conference Bridge

Conference calls are phone calls in which several people can join in at once. They save the time and hassle of having to call many people individually, and allow everyone to communicate more directly. In business, time is money, and nothing is a bigger waste of time and unnecessary and redundant communication.

But how do you make a conference call? With your land line or cell phone you can only call 1 person at a time, with some providers offering 3-way calling so that you can call 2 people at once. Instead, a conference bridge serves as a hub between all the callers. Each person dials into the conference bridge, goes through some security procedures, and then joins the shared call. The conference bridge itself can support tens, hundreds or thousands of people calling in at the same time.

So the conference bridge automatically handles the whole process, making it a painless procedure for the people setting it up.

Some companies will choose to install a conference bridge in their building, but this is fairly difficult. It requires many phone lines (or VoIP lines), physical space, and maintenance. It’s only worthwhile for very large corporations who would prefer to do everything in-house. Most small to mid-sized businesses choose to pay for conferencing services through a 3rd party, such as All Conferencing. This makes the whole process very easy, and they can count on secure, reliable service available at all times.

Recently, it’s become popular to go with a web conference bridge. Rather than working through only the phone system, a web conference bridge adds extra features available to people who are on their computer. New conference calls and security codes can be assigned instantly. The system shows who is attending and where they are. Some web conference bridge support screen-sharing, where one user can show their computer screen to all the others, or video chat.

More than ever, the ease of communication allows for a smooth flow of business. A web conference bridge can help grow your company into what you want it to be.



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